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Nutrition, Your Teeth And Your Health

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Do you know that how straight your teeth are, how straight your kids teeth come in is related to nutrition and the health of your body?

These days, crooked teeth are common. It seems that more kids get braces than don’t. In fact, it almost seems to me that getting braces is a sort of status symbol among the kids. They brag about getting braces, how long they’ve had them on and when they’ll get them off. Some people even get braces more than once in a lifetime.

But what most people don’t realize is that crooked teeth are a sign of inadequate nutrition and  mediocre or poor health. When you eat foods that have been devitalized and had the nutrients processed out, your body does not have the nutrition it needs to meet all your needs. It meets your primary, life and death needs first.

Those areas of your body that are not essential to keep you alive suffer from inadequate nutrition and give you the tell-tale signs like crooked teeth, dental caries, and more … dry skin and skin rashes, lowered immune function, frequent colds, asthma, anything less than optimal health.

When your body is so nutritionally deficient that it does not even have the reserves for your primary life and death needs, that’s when you find yourself experiencing things like being overweight, having diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer or a whole host of the other ailments that are rampant in our society today.

Dr. Weston A. Price traveled the world in the 1930’s to find indigenous and native peoples to investigate the state of their health compared to those people who had been exposed to and ate the modern processed diet.

What he found in cultures that ate their native fare and were untouched by modern, nutritionally depleted food was

  • straight teeth
  • no cavities
  • wide dental arches
  • vibrant health

Those natives who had already embraced modern, processed foods were found to have crooked and decaying teeth and were succumbing to diseases that were unknown among those who continued to follow their native ways.

The answer to crooked teeth is not braces. The solution for dental caries is not fluoride treatments or drinking fluoridated water. It’s not sealing your kids teeth with plastic sealants that may give off toxic chemicals to further erode your children’s health. The answer is a healthier diet and proper nutritional supplements.

It’s never too late to start taking better care of your health, eating healthier food and preparing healthy, nutrient-rich meals at home. Why not start now!

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