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Healthy Snacks Your Whole Family Will Enjoy

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Celery, apple slices or banana with peanut butter – the celery, apple and peanut butter should be organic. Remember, celery had the most pesticide residue of all produce items tested by the Environmental Working Group in 2010, and apples were the fourth worst. Buy only organic celery and apples.

Almonds and raisins – all nuts should be eaten raw or soaked and dehydrated. There are no really true raw almonds grown in the U.S. anymore. All U.S. almonds, even organic are required to be “pasteurized” to kill any microbes that might cause health problems. The only truly raw almonds are imported.

Plain whole milk yogurt with fresh or frozen fruit – mix the fruit in with the yogurt and add a little stevia if you’d like a sweeter taste. Make sure the yogurt is organic, or at least from free range, grass fed cows, NOT fed antibiotics or hormones.

Nuts in shells – all kinds … walnuts, filberts, Brazil nuts, almonds. Have fun cracking them open and eating them from the shells.

Popcorn – made in a hot air popper, drizzled with real melted butter, Celtic Sea salt, a little cayenne pepper or any other herbs and spices that you like. Organic popcorn is best. NEVER make microwave popcorn!

Eat fresh fruit – all kinds. Mix several different varieties for a delicious fruit salad.

Get creative. You can snack on any healthy food that you like.

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