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Health Benefits of Rhodiola

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Rhodiola is an adaptogenic herb. It helps the body maintain balance when you’re under stress, whether physical or mental.

It will help you increase your energy. It’s a healthier choice than the energy drinks on the market.

In addition, rhodiola promotes healthy sleep, improves memory and mental clarity, and is a stress and anxiety reducer.

Depending on how you use it, it can have a stimulating or sedating effect.

In small doses, it’s a stimulant.

It stimulates your immune system and can aid in aleviating depression. However, it should not be used when there is a bipolar disorder.

In larger doses, it acts as a sedative.

Larger doses of Rholiola are useful when you’re under stress or when your immune system is  challenged, such as when you have a cold or the flu.

Rholiola should not be used when pregnant.

It can be taken as a tea, or in capsules.

As a tea, I put 3/4 tsp of rhodiola root in a cup and pour hot/almost boiling water over it to fill a cup (1 cup size). Let sit for 4 hours. Then strain. Start slowly, one or two tablespoons every couple hours, three or four times a day. Work you way up to drinking one cup a day or every other day.

As with any herb, make sure you use it knowledgeably and responsibly. Do your homework. If you have any questions as to whether it may or may not be right for you, check with your doctor.

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