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Health Benefits of Kale

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Kale is a power-packed, nutrient dense leafy green vegetable … a superfood.

It is rich in vitamins, especially A,C and K.

Also a good source of minerals, especially calcium, potassium, copper and MN.

In addition, kale is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids.

It contains fiber too.

A good source of antioxidants, it helps protect your body from free radical damage and enhances immune function, helping you to stay healthier.

Kale is anti-inflammatory.

It is good for your heart, your vision and your skin.

Delicious steamed or stir fried and seasoned with a little Celtic Sea Salt and lemon juice.

It can also be used raw in salads.

Good for green juice or green smoothies.

Kale chips make a great snack instead of potato or corn chips.

Kale is one of the “Dirty Dozen” so you want to make sure you buy organic.

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