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Do You Eat Any Of These Foods?

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Besides being unhealthy because of their chemical additives, highly processed, nutrient deficient and GMO ingredients, they are loaded with excessive calories.

Fast Food Items with 1000 Calories and More
How Many Calories Counter

For healthier choices, you can make your own fast food at home.

Use organic, grass fed beef for your burgers.

Cut your organic potatoes into French fry size pieces. Place on a cookie sheet greased with coconut oil and bake them at 350 degrees F. Better yet, use sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes.

Healthy Snacks and Finger Foods

Non-Dairy Blueberry Ice Cream

Tasty Veggie Dip

Healthy Snacks Your Whole Family Will Enjoy

Carob Coconut Candy

Get more healthy recipes here.

So, you see, healthy eating can be delicious and tasty. And it doesn’t have to take a lot of time to prepare. Try these recipes. Enjoy them. Your body will love you and you’ll be healthier for it.

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