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Dr. Christine H. Farlow, D.C.

I am passionate about health and nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle … about everything healthy. I love helping people discover where they are in their journey to better health and helping them take the steps they need to achieve improved health.

I grew up on a better-than-average Standard American Diet (SAD).

Our household was stressful. I grew up feeling unworthy, inadequate, not good enough with a poor self image and low self esteem. I was quite shy and felt like I didn’t fit in.

I was sickly as a child and took way too many antibiotics, including tetracycline for acne, 5 years non stop. I was advised that as long as I took my tetracycline four times a day, I could eat anything I wanted. Diet was not important!

Upon discovering the dangers of antibiotics, I sought out the services of an alternative medicine doctor and started reading everything I could get my hands on about healthy eating and nutrition.

I didn’t realize that all the things I was feeling when I was eating the SAD – fatigue, jitteriness, digestive upset and just plain lousy – were a result of my horrible diet until I started eating healthier food.

That got me excited. I talked about how much better I was feeling and people started coming to me for advice on healthy eating and nutrition. At the time I was working as a statistician and I hated my job. So I started thinking about a career where I could legitimately help people with healthy eating and nutrition.

As a result of the experiences I had as a child and young adult, I had to learn on my own that there are alternatives. There are healthier choices that address not only your body, but your whole person, body, mind and spirit, your whole outlook on how to live your life. And by taking into consideration the whole person, you are able to have a far greater positive impact upon your health than by just looking at physical symptoms.

Because of the alternative healthcare professionals I discovered, who helped me tremendously, I felt inspired to become a chiropractor and emphasize nutrition and teach healthy eating to my patients.

My decision was reinforced when I watched my parents follow the medical model in their treatment, only to see them succumb to the toxic effects of the treatment and lose their lives.

As a chiropractor, I’ve always treated the whole person… body, mind and spirit. The pain is not necessarily the problem and the location of the pain is not necessarily the source of the problem.

If the problem is not where the pain is, how do I identify the problem and find the cause?

Since everyone is a unique individual, not everyone’s back pain or neck pain has the same origin.

So, when a patient comes in, I listen to what they are saying, to their tone of voice; I watch their body language. I ask questions.

I look beyond what they are saying and consider the whole picture … body, mind and spirit.

What I’ve learned from my 29 years of chiropractic experience is that diet, nutrition and lack of exercise are not often a part of the picture. They are a critical part of the picture. So in my practice, I focus on the whole person and strongly emphasize the nutritional part of leading a healthy, productive life.

To help not only my patients, but all who are interested in improving their health, get started moving in a healthy direction, I have authored three books:

FOOD ADDITIVES: A Shopper’s Guide To What’s Safe & What’s Not

HEALTHY EATING: For Extremely Busy People Who Don’t Have Time For It

DYING TO LOOK GOOD: The Disturbing Truth About What’s Really in Your Cosmetics, Toiletries and Personal Care Products…And What You Can Do About It

I make recommendations to transition to a healthier diet with wholesome, nutrient-dense foods and appropriate nutritional supplements. I offer suggestions for feeding your body from the outside in, using healthy skin and body care.

Exercise is only effective if you do it, so I encourage patients to choose an appropriate exercise/physical activity that is suitable for their unique situation and that they enjoy.

Many times physical pain is a demonstration of personal or emotional issues that are suppressed or avoided. I give patients tools to clear out the issues so they can move on with their life… “What in your life is giving you a pain in the neck?” I use whatever tools they are open to … journaling, affirmations, meditation, audio programs, whatever comes to me at the moment that I “get” will be useful for them. Sometimes it may even mean referring them to a counselor.

I use my intuition when working with patients to guide me in the best direction to help them. When I’m stumped, I pause and silently ask for help and let it flow through me.

I’ve given patients affirmations to realize their value and worth. I’ve used my own personal hardships to help others through theirs. Because of the pain I’ve gone through, I can relate to what others are experiencing and help them through it.

I love helping people discover the truth about health and healthy living, to distinguish the truth from the myths and misinformation… about where to get their health and nutrition information, how to tell if a source is truthful or misleading.

It’s very easy for me to get on my soapbox and go on and on about food additives, pesticides, GMOs, irradiated food, deception within the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry and organizations that give out health and nutrition information while receiving financial support from the drug companies and processed food industry. Also, I can give a mouthful on the chemicals in personal care products, home and yard care products, as well as outgassing from furniture, cars and other manufactured products. However, I generally present it in bite-sized pieces when working with patients/clients so it’s more easily accepted and implemented.

I help people look at all aspects of their lives to identify the positives and the negatives related to their health and lives.

A key point in making effective and lasting change is doing it in steps as people are ready. Going cold turkey or too much at once will only cause frustration and overwhelm and while it may produce changes in the present, it generally is not lasting unless the individual has the motivation to stick with the changes. When people implement changes gradually and see results, they are more willing to do more, especially when they are feeling better and seeing positive outcomes.

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