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Paleo Fast Food

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The Paleo Diet, the diet of our ancestors, is the healthiest diet. We still have the same genetic makeup of our ancestors, yet the food we eat is so unlike what they ate and is wrecking our health. The diseases of today were unknown ten thousand years ago.

So what did our ancestors eat that was so healthy?
• Lean animal foods
• Vegetables
• Fruits
• Nuts and seeds
• Healthy fats

The Primal Diet is very much like the paleo diet, but also includes occasional healthy dairy.

One of the things I hear a lot is that it’s so inconvenient to always have to cook from scratch. We live a fast-paced, hectic lifestyle, it can often be difficult to plan and prepare healthy paleo or primal meals.

Now you can have your healthy paleo food without all the shopping and prep time. You can have healthy paleo meals delivered to your door … just heat and serve.

This is not like packaged, processed foods. It is real healthy, organic paleo food cooked from scratch, delivered directly to you. Just pop it in a pan and warm it up. You’ve got a meal in minutes. It can’t get any better than that … you get your healthy paleo food and you get to eat it too … in record time.


HealThy Mouth World Summit – Speaker Preview

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Here’s a preview of the speakers and what they’ll be talking about at the HealThy Mouth World Summit, starting this weekend.

Watch the video to check out who you want to listen to. If you’re like me, you may want to catch them all.

If you haven’t yet signed up, click the link below the video to make sure you can take advantage of the wealth of valuable information about your oral health that is not typically found in one place. You don’t want to miss this one!

Remember, in addition to learning from 21 experts from around the world, you’re also invited to attend live Q&A sessions with the experts… for FREE!

See you at the Summit!

I encourage anyone with any oral health issues to sign up for this FREE online event!

97% Of Cancer Comes From The Mouth???

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I want to share with you what I consider an important opportunity to learn how to live a healthier life.

It’s a FREE online event starting next weekend, January 13th.

The HealThy Mouth World Summit is a free online event where you can come listen and learn from the leading experts from around the world in solutions to create greater oral health.

But wait, I said to live a healthier life! 🙂

Well, it turns out that oral health plays a big role in how healthy the rest of our body is going to be!

Check out this quote from one of the most famous cancer doctors of the last century,

“97% of all cancer has a causal relationship in the teeth, jaw and tonsils.”
~Dr Josef Issels

Whoa! 97% of all cancer is caused from the mouth region???

Here’s a short video that introduces the HealThy Mouth World Summit and touches on this relationship the mouth has in creating or destroying our health.

Not only do you get to learn from 21 expert presentations from around the world, but you’re also invited to attend live Q&A sessions with the experts… for FREE!

Ok, long enough!

Click this link to register for the FREE HealThy Mouth World Summit.

See you at the Summit!

Are You Satisfied With Your Dental Health?

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Have you ever wondered about the real truth is when it comes to dental procedures and dental materials used to correct the problems with your teeth and oral health?

  • Are amalgam fillings safe as the dental industry says they are or is there really cause for concern?
  • Are there any precautions necessary when removing silver mercury fillings from your teeth?
  • Is fluoride really good for your teeth?  Or is there another side to the story?
  • What about root canals? Can they have adverse effects on your health?
  • Can eating the right foods really make a difference in your dental health?

These questions and more will be answered at the HealThy Mouth World Summit.

Even I have questions about what’s really true and healthy.

I’ve spent hours upon hours searching for the truth online when it comes to my own dental health and I still have questions. So, I jumped at the opportunity to share this important program. I’ll be there. I wouldn’t miss this opportunity to learn from the real experts.

To join me, click the link below the video to sign up.

Sign Up Here.

See you at the Summit!