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Meat Glue

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Scraps of meat are sometimes glued together to make it look like they’re a prime cut. You can’t tell the difference, but it has dangerous health effects.

Meat-glue meats have higher bacterial counts and it’s harder to cook them all the way through.

You won’t know when you’re buying your meat if it’s a true prime cut of meat or if it’s just scraps glued together because it’s NOT labeled.

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This is a good reason to buy only green fed, green finished organic meats.

Soda … The Risks

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Do you drink soda?  Most people are aware that soda is not a healthy beverage. But have you ever considered the real health consequences of drinking soft drinks?

Regular sodas can be sweetened with sugar or high fructose corn syrup, aka corn sugar; diet sodas with aspartame or other artificial sweeteners.

While the adverse health effects are worse with diet drinks, all sodas and energy drinks are harmful to your health.

Here are some of the reasons why …

Soda is empty calories … no nutrients to support your health … and it comes with the added consequence of chemical food additives which are harmful to your health.

Research has shown that drinking soda increases the risk of

  • obesity
  • osteoporosis
  • dental caries and gum disease
  • high blood pressure
  • stroke
  • dehydration
  • insomnia

In addition, soda is so caustic that it can be used as a degreaser, a rust remover and a toilet bowl cleaner.

Have You Been Duped?

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UK Teen Lives—and Almost Dies—on Chicken Nuggets

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“Many of you may have seen the Morgan Spurlock documentary Super Size Me in which Mr. Spurlock did nothing but eat fast-food for 30 days straight. The movie chronicles the horrible physical and emotional changes that occurred, and is a scathing indictment on the entire fast-food industry.

“Now, it seems, a teenager from the UK has unwittingly recreated the scenario first shown in the documentary. Sarah Irvine has reportedly eaten little else but chicken nuggets since the age of 2. As a result, the 17-year-old was recently hospitalized after she collapsed at work.

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The truth of the mater is that kids learn to eat what they are taught to eat. If you feed your child only healthy foods, they will choose their favorites from healthy foods and no matter what they choose it will be healthy.

If like most parents, because you didn’t know the truth about healthy eating, your kids developed a taste for foods they should not eat, there is still hope. Click here for some tips on how to get your kids to eat healthy foods.

True Health

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Health is more than physical well being. It’s more than eating the right foods, using healthy products on your skin, in your home and yard. It really has to do with your whole being … your body, mind and spirit.

How can you tell if you’re healthy in body, mind and spirit?

  • Do you have balance in your life?
  • Are you healthy?
  • Are you happy?
  • Do you feel peaceful?
  • Are you living the life you were meant to live?

If you can’t give yourself a 10 in each of the categories above – and who can – then keep reading …

I just finished an experience, called the 21 Day Challenge, with the Ultimate Life Company.

I’m actually on the faculty of the Ultimate Life Company and when I was invited to be a part of the Pilot Group for the 21 Day Challenge, I jumped right in … because I felt that my life could be better.

Watch this short video about the 21 Day Challenge and if this resonates with you, I invite you to sign up here. It changed my life. It could change yours too!

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