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A Look At The Beyond Organic Products

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Click the image above to view the Beyond Organic products. These outstanding, ultra healthy products are now available in pre-launch special packages to Mission Marketers. It’s still free to become a Mission Marketer until September. This is the perfect time to check them out and try them to see if they are right for you.

The Case Of The Missing Blueberries

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For help reading labels and determining which food additives are safe and which are not, get Food Additives: A Shopper’s Guide To What’s Safe & What’s Not or click the Food Additives image to the right==>

Nutrition, Your Teeth And Your Health

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Do you know that how straight your teeth are, how straight your kids teeth come in is related to nutrition and the health of your body?

These days, crooked teeth are common. It seems that more kids get braces than don’t. In fact, it almost seems to me that getting braces is a sort of status symbol among the kids. They brag about getting braces, how long they’ve had them on and when they’ll get them off. Some people even get braces more than once in a lifetime.

But what most people don’t realize is that crooked teeth are a sign of inadequate nutrition and  mediocre or poor health. When you eat foods that have been devitalized and had the nutrients processed out, your body does not have the nutrition it needs to meet all your needs. It meets your primary, life and death needs first.

Those areas of your body that are not essential to keep you alive suffer from inadequate nutrition and give you the tell-tale signs like crooked teeth, dental caries, and more … dry skin and skin rashes, lowered immune function, frequent colds, asthma, anything less than optimal health.

When your body is so nutritionally deficient that it does not even have the reserves for your primary life and death needs, that’s when you find yourself experiencing things like being overweight, having diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer or a whole host of the other ailments that are rampant in our society today.

Dr. Weston A. Price traveled the world in the 1930’s to find indigenous and native peoples to investigate the state of their health compared to those people who had been exposed to and ate the modern processed diet.

What he found in cultures that ate their native fare and were untouched by modern, nutritionally depleted food was

  • straight teeth
  • no cavities
  • wide dental arches
  • vibrant health

Those natives who had already embraced modern, processed foods were found to have crooked and decaying teeth and were succumbing to diseases that were unknown among those who continued to follow their native ways.

The answer to crooked teeth is not braces. The solution for dental caries is not fluoride treatments or drinking fluoridated water. It’s not sealing your kids teeth with plastic sealants that may give off toxic chemicals to further erode your children’s health. The answer is a healthier diet and proper nutritional supplements.

It’s never too late to start taking better care of your health, eating healthier food and preparing healthy, nutrient-rich meals at home. Why not start now!

Are You Eating Enough Iodine-Rich Foods?

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Iodine is an essential nutrient. We think of it mostly as associated with the thyroid gland.

  • If your thyroid is not functioning up to par, it could be because of too little iodine.
  • If you are taking thyroid medication and still don’t feel well, it could be that you need more iodine.
  • If you are overweight and have not been able to lose weight, no matter how hard you try, you may have an underactive thyroid and/or need more iodine.

It’s important to note that iodine is not only for the thyroid gland, but also for the optimal functioning of every organ and cell in your body.

Iodine is essential for the proper functioning of your immune system. It contains antimicrobial as well as anti-cancer properties. Children need iodine for normal growth and development.

There are a multitude of health problems that are related to inadequate iodine intake and respond to proper iodine therapy, including…

  • fatigue
  • headaches and migraines
  • excess mucous production
  • breast diseases
  • fibrocystic breasts
  • sebaceous cysts
  • infections

Now, the US RDA for iodine is

  • 150 mcg for adults
  • 200 mcg for pregnant and lactating women
  • 120 mcg for children 6-12 years old
  • 90 mcg for children younger than 6

The US RDA was designed to prevent goiter and cretinism, not provide optimal iodine for all your body’s needs. It is not even enough to insure adequate iodine needed by the body to produce the thyroid hormones, let alone meet the body’s other needs for iodine.

The best food sources of iodine are

  • fish
  • sea vegetables
  • dulse
  • kelp
  • arame
  • wakame

There is also some iodine in meat and dairy, but the amount depends on the amount of iodine in the animal’s feed. In addition some plant foods also contain iodine, but the amount is dependent on iodine in the soil.

Iodized table salt, though it has iodine added is refined and is not a healthy salt. It is devitalized, has had all it’s minerals removed and has been exposed to toxic chemicals to make it look white. Eating refined salt contributes to many health problems. A better choice is unrefined salt, like Celtic Sea Salt.

According to Dr. David Brownstein, more than 96% of people in the U.S. are iodine deficient. If you have stubborn health issues that just won’t resolve or you just feel less well than you would like to, you may have an iodine deficiency.

Can you get all the iodine you need from iodine-rich foods? Probably not. But taking too much iodine can have adverse effects on your health, so it’s wise to take iodine supplements under the supervision of your health care provider.

How can you find out if you need more iodine? Click here to request a free consultation. Fill in the form at the top right of the page.

“Natural” Label on Genetically Engineered Products

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I received the following as an e-mail from The Center for Food Safety. I can’t find it on their website, so I am reproducing the e-mail message below …

“With consumer interest in how food is produced on the rise, many food companies are now selling new lines of “natural” products—often priced unjustifiably higher than conventionally produced foods and only slightly lower than certified organic products. These purportedly “natural” products often mislead consumers about healthy food choices.

“Market surveys show that health conscious consumers buy and trust products that prominently display the word “natural” on the front of food packages, even though the “natural” claim does not necessarily deliver any added health benefits to consumers above and beyond those of their conventionally manufactured counterparts.

“ConAgra is one such company using a “100% Natural” labeling claim to win over consumers. ConAgra’s Wesson Oils, however, are anything but “100% natural” — because the oils are made from genetically modified (GM) plants. ConAgra sells four types of widely used cooking and food preparation oils under the Wesson brand. All Wesson Oils are sold with a label on the front of the bottle that prominently states they are “100% Natural.”

“We are looking for Center for Food Safety members who have purchased any of the following cooking oils in the last few years sold under the Wesson brand name: Canola Oil, Vegetable Oil, Corn Oil, and Best Blend. If you have purchased these products believing them to them to be “100% Natural” and not to contain genetically engineered ingredients, please contact us at right away. Please include “Wesson” in your subject line and your state of residence in your email.”

While the e-mail says they are looking for CFS members to respond, this is a worthwhile organization to be a part of. If you’re not a member, I recommend joining.

GMO Research … Who Do You Believe?

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The Health Equation

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Good health requires more than just healthy eating. It’s true that healthy eating plays a major role. However, it’s just one piece of the puzzle.

You’ve probably heard before that in order to be truly healthy, you need to take care of your body, mind and spirit.

Let’s look at what is necessary to take care of your body.

First, you need to feed your body nourishing foods … foods that are rich in nutrients. These include whole, unprocessed, nutrient dense and preferably organic

It’s important to maximize your consumption of healthy whole foods and keep processed foods to a bare minimum, or preferably, don’t eat them at all.

While it would be an ideal world if we could receive all the nutrients our bodies need from eating healthy foods, that is no longer possible in our world today. So, it’s important to supplement with whole food, bio-available nutritional supplements that are specific to your body needs. Here’s a Special Offer for a Personal Health Analysis.

Not all nutritional supplements are created equal.

The big difference between whole food supplements and synthetic supplements … the main reason that whole food supplements, that are processed without heat, work better than the synthetics is that whole food supplements contain all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, cofactors and “undiscovered” nutrients that are in the whole foods.

Even though science has advanced tremendously over the years, the fact of the matter is that modern science does NOT know everything there is to know about our bodies and our food. And it is those “undiscovered” nutrients that can make the whole food supplement work better than the synthetic.

Exercise is another component of having a healthy body. You don’t have to work hard at exercise. You just need to do enough of the right kind of exercise. If you’re not keen on exercise, The Slow Burn Fitness Revolution is a great way to get all the exercise you need in 30 minutes a week.

The Final Answers

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If you’ve been reading the answers to the first six questions, you can most likely figure the correct answers to the final three. So here are quick brief answers …

Raw Milk Cheese vs. Velveeta Cheese

Raw milk cheese has all the nutrients, enzymes and cofactors, known and unknown, in real raw milk. It is a healthy food. Velveeta Cheese is processed and has chemical additives. Leave it on the store shelf.

White Rice vs. Brown Rice

White rice has had the bran and germ removed, ie. the nutritional components. It just has the starch left. Brown rice is the whole food with all the nutrients. Choose brown rice.

Soy Milk vs. Almond Milk vs. Rice Milk

If you buy any of these off the shelf of a grocery or health food store, they are ALL highly processed foods. If you want a plant based substitute for dairy milk, it is best to make it yourself. Almond milk or cashew milk is not difficult to make. Take one part nuts and two parts water. Soak 7-8 hours or overnight. Blend in a blender till thick and creamy. The almond milk will be a little gritty. You may want to strain it through a fine strainer. Both can be used as is or flavored with real vanilla and/or a small amount of stevia. Skip the soy milk. It’s not a healthy food.

Learn more about healthy eating here.

Another Point of View About Mercury in Seafood

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We’ve all been warned about eating fish with high mercury levels.

The Environmental Working Group has published it’s fish lists.

Food & Water Watch has it’s Smart Seafood Guide.

The Center for Consumer Freedom says it’s all a scam; that the benefits of eating fish outweigh the minimal harm that could be done from mercury in seafood. They say that the amount of mercury in fish hasn’t changed in 100 years. “The Center for Consumer Freedom is supported by restaurants, food companies and more than 1,000 concerned individuals.”

What do you think?

My advice … Eat fish, but choose carefully.

Answer# 6

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Raw Milk, Pasteurized Milk or Ultra-Pasteurized Milk

Human consumption of milk after being weaned is a topic of controversy. Those opposed say that we are the only species that drinks the milk of another species after being weaned. Those in favor of drinking milk proclaim it’s many health benefits.

Many people appear to be lactose intolerant and are unable to drink the milk commonly found in the grocery stores, but when they try raw milk find that they do well with it.

Let’s take a look at each one individually…

Raw Milk

Pasteurized milk is heated to 161 degrees F for 15-20 seconds. This is designed to kill pathogenic bacteria. But it also kills beneficial bacteria and destroys enzymes. The health benefits of raw milk are lost with pasteurized milk.

Ultra-pasteurized milk is heated to 275 degrees F for at least 1 second. It has a shelf life of 2-3 months. With sterile handling and aseptic packaging, it can be stored, unrefrigerated for 6-9 months.

Raw milk from pastured, grass fed cows is a whole food, full of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and life-giving nutrients. Pasteurized and ultra-pasteurized milks are denatured. They have had much of the enzymes and health-giving micro-organisms destroyed.

Watch for answer #7, Raw Milk Cheese vs Velveta Cheese